From PARIS with LOVE…

From New York, to London, to Milan, and finally to PARIS! Fashion week has been amazing so far, but my heart definitely skipped a beat at the Paris runways. After visiting Paris this summer, I fell in love with the city. The place just screams fashion from every corner – from the streets of Champs Elysees to the Palaces in Versailles.

Paris simply takes fashion to a whole new level and we really get to see true avant-garde pieces.

Here are a few of my favorite to-die-for pieces:

Alexander McQueen




Christian Dior


Louis Vuitton

Saint Laurent

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Reneta J

Fashion Week Trends – Fall Fashion 2012 Round Up!

From the runways in New York to London to Milan and now even in Paris! – Fall 2012 has some clear trends and we’re loving each and every bit of it!

Check it out!

Almost every designer rocked luxury fur pieces on the runway this season. From solid, to neon, to ombre – fur was everywhere to be seen. I’ll be sure to get my hands on a fab neon faux fur jacket come this fall!

I absolutely love seeing color and fun prints on the runway. Although various designers did stick to a more muted and dark palette, we are thankful to designers such as Diane Von Furstenburg who never seem to disappoint us when we’re looking for those bold pops in a collection.

Although I don’t feel like the boxy look is a flattering silhouette, this trend seems to be a reoccurring theme on the runway. However, the boxy jacket definitely adds a little more structure and masculinity to the look which i do like.

Can we say hot? I am absolutely loving these provocative looks. The higher the slit, and more the cutouts, the bigger the statement on the runway. This fall we will definitely be seeing looks inspired by this trend!

I am definitely a sucker for gloves. I am so obsessed with the arm length leather gloves that I would love to embrace the look pronto! It definitely adds a little edge to each look and almost every designer worked the glove look in to their collection. Balenciaga’s cobalt blue glove is to die for!

Clearly the peplum silhouette is here to stay. We are seeing the trend all over right now for spring and I am glad to see it making a return in the fall. Lanvin’s collection embraced the peplum trend to the max with so many different variations on this look. Love this look!

And then there are the fabulous gowns that we all die for. We saw so much tulle for this fall juxtaposed with voluminous silhouettes. Tulle is such a fabric that adds a whimsical appeal to every look. I cannot wait to see looks inspired by this trend in stores for fall.

To get a better look at all the collections from the fall 2012 runways visit VOGUE.COM .


Reneta J