Spring is in and so is soft kissable skin! Or should we say yummy skin with our nourishing, delicious, and oh so simple honey kissed oatmeal scrb. This scrub is easy to make and the results are dewy, clean skin!

So our lovelies, this is all you need…

1. Oatmeal.   2. Honey.   3. Unsalted Almonds.   4. Grinding Machine.   5. Cold Milk or Cold Rose Water depending on skin type (these products not shown above)

Step 1: Take 4 teaspoons of the oatmeal and 9 unsalted almonds and mix both ingredients in the grinder to a fine mixture as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Next, take 2 teaspoons of honey and add it to the mixture of grounded almonds and oatmeal.

Step 3: Add Milk (if you have extra dry skin) OR Rose Water (if you have sensitive skin or an oily “T’ zone) to the mixture and stir to create a consistency like cake batter. Make sure it isn’t too watery. See picture below.

Step 4: Wash face clean and apply scrub on to face and neck. Let sit for 5 minutes.

Step 5: Using lukewarm water, gently begin scrub your face and neck in a circular motion. Wash off the rest of the scrub with lukewarm water. Please do not use soap.

Step 6: Pat your skin dry and enjoy clean, soft, kissable skin!

This scrub is so gentle that it can be used every other day and on any part of the body, for example, hands, elbows, etc.

Why this scrub is amazing: oats are great for skin glow, honey locks in moisture, almonds rub off dead skin, milk adds moisture to parched skin, and rose water soothes, tones, and refreshes skin.

Enjoy nature and its treasures and look totally radiant and dewy for your oh so dreamy spring dates!


Reneta J