Christian Louboutin Opens First Men’s Store in NYC Today!

Who doesn’t fancy a pair of red soles? Christian Louboutin, founder of the highly coveted red lacquered sole, opened his first men’s-only store in the U.S. today in the Meatpacking District in NYC. How amazing are these men’s shoes?

image via:

Gentlemen, please step up your game. ASAP.

Absolutely love the geometric color blocking and studded loafers. Now, guaranteed that not everyone can afford $1000 pairs of shoes, but if you were in the mood to indulge, then I would definitely suggest investing in one statement piece. Although there are the simple, chic neutral pairs, however, most Louboutin shoes are known for being avant garde and loud, so make sure you pick the pair that stands out and fits your look best!

Here’s a look of the inside of the fab store…


image via:


image via:


Reneta J

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