Timeless Treasures: The Ever-Chic Louis Vuitton Shawl

We all love our mother’s old classic “hand me downs”. Be it a vintage jacket, strings of pearls, diamonds, or classic bags, some pieces are so luxurious and timeless that they are worthy of being collected over the years and passed down to your beloved as family treasures. For Reneta and I, such a piece which speaks of years of tradition and luxury, a piece that stands for legacy, is that from the house of LOUIS VUITTON.

Today’s featured treasures are our Louis Vuitton Shawls. They come in vivid colors, from soft romantic pastels such as a white, baby pink, mint green, light powder blue, and yummy mango yellow, to bold glamorous colors of red, grapevine purple, coal black, cocoa brown with hints of fiery gold work, and many more! These shawls are a must have fashion accessory. They not only make a simple outfit look so glamorous and rich, but they also add a CLASSIC CHICNESS to your entire ensemble.

These are not only gorgeous threads bound together but pieces of art as well. They keep you very warm and cozy while making you look sexy and classy. What else can a girl ask for?

Here are a few of our own  LV shawls that we absolutely LOVE!

Here are few ways how we like to wear them:

1. CASUAL CHIC: Jeans + Shirt + LV Shawl

2. SUMMER CHIC: Summer Dress + LV Shawl

3. RED CARPET GLAM: Gown + LV Shawl

Whether you fancy a bold statement hue or a more subtle neutral shade, there’s a shawl for everyone! All you need is one to transform all your outfits!


Reneta J

Chanel Resort 2013 Collection

Mary Antoinette meets rocker chick meets anime – this sums up the over the top, futuristic, and whimsical Karl Lagerfeld Resort 2013 collection for Chanel. I’m not gonna lie, but I’m kind of obsessed.

images via: seaofshoes.com

Mr. Lagerfeld always knows how to turn it up a notch season after season. He presented his collection at Versailles inspired by 18th Century France. The collection was comprised of florals, pastels, rococo silhouettes, intricate embroideries and embellishments. This ultra theatrical collection which was paired with colorful wigs, flouncy skirts, and thick soled shoes is the epitome of a fashion trendsetting.


Reneta J


With the countless numbers of products out there to choose from, here are a few of my favorite go to hair and skin care products that I absolutely love!

I’ve always had the hardest time finding the right shampoo and conditioner that I can stay committed to. I am so glad I tried the new Loreal Evercreme hair care line. The  1. Loreal Evercreme Nourishing Shampoo  and 2. Loreal Evercreme Nourishing Conditioner are amazing and leave my hair feeling soft, silky, nourished and healthy! While in the shower, leave the conditioner on for 3-5mins  and clip your hair in to a bun as this will help lock in the nutrients before you wash out your hair. After you wash your hair out you will notice the difference instantly and your hair will be left smelling great. 

The 3. Loreal Evercreme Deep Nourishing Masque is another great product by Loreal. Using a hair masque once or twice in 2 weeks is really good for your hair. You really begin to notice healthier and shinier hair after a couple uses. 

The 4. Loreal Evercreme Nourishing Leave-In Spray and 5. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin are both amazing leave-in conditioners. I have been using “It’s a 10” for a while now and it really helps detangle and and protect my hair from any applied heat. The product also has keratin, which is protein for your hair. After washing your hair, spray either leave-in conditioners generously all over wet to damp hair. I like to air dry my hair for 15 mins and then clip my hair in to a loose bun for another 15 mins as this help lock in the moisture and makes your hair smell great once it’s let loose.

I’ve tried many hairsprays over the years and the 6. Sebastian Shaper Hairspray is probably the best one yet. This light weight non-greasy hairspray is great for styling yet keeping your hair looking natural. I absolutely hate it when hairsprays leave your hair feeling stiff, sticky, and over worked. The Sebastian hairspray gives you that desired hold minus all the setbacks.

Ever since I can remember, I have been using 7. Neutrogena Oil Free Deep Clean Cream Cleanser face wash. This face wash has never proven me wrong and it always leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. This product proves that you don’t need high end products to get the same results. It is essential to wash your face every day and night to keep your face clean and keep your pores from getting clogged. Being a  women, I get no better feeling than taking off my make-up and washing my face the second I come home.

Now I know that many women use make up wipes to remove their makeup, but personally, I find it too harsh for my skin. Ever since I started wearing make-up my mom introduced me to 8. Pond’s Cold Cream. I highly recommend this as it literally removes every ounce of make-up off your face. The key is to take a small amount of Pond’s Cold Cream and rub it gently on your face starting with your eyes. Then take some wet tissue and GENTLY (you don’t want to pull at your skin as this will create wrinkles and lines in the long run) wipe off the cold cream off your face. You can keep adding more cold cream and wiping it off as needed.

Moisturizing is key to preventing dry skin. I use 9. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture, SPF 15 as it is a light weight moisturizer with SPF in it. It’s important to always protect your skin from the sun, and having a little SPF in your daily moisturizer helps maintain youthful looking skin.

I am sure a lot of you use some form of chapstick on daily basis, and I used to myself. I used to be so addicted to chapstick that I couldn’t leave the house without it and applied it countless amounts of times in a day. But then I switched to 10.  Vaseline and never looked back. I apply it once, or twice max a day and it leaves my lips feeling soft and nourished all day. Vaseline is also great for applying under lipstick as it keeps the color on longer without getting dried out and clumpy.

May it be because of the changing weather, hot showers, or some other reason, dry skin is a huge issue a lot of us deal with. I discovered a great remedy to this problem. The key is to mix a little bit of 11. Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme 12. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil and apply it all over your body. You will notice results immediately! The Cocoa Butter Creme and Cocoa Butter oil mixed together create an amazing concoction for soft, healthy, and supple skin. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Oil is also amazing for scars, burns, dryness and more. I tend to apply this combo twice a day for best results.

Having healthy hair and skin doesn’t have to be so difficult, impossible, or expensive anymore. My go to products are the absolute best, and you should try whichever products suits your needs best.


Reneta J 

Color Obsession: BABY BLUE!

Fresh, light, and airy, BABY BLUE was all over the SPRING 2012 runways. From Chanel to Versace, designers strongly embraced this pastel shade from dresses, to jackets, to accessories and more! I absolutely LOVE this hue as it can be worn both during the day and night with an air of sophistication. Also, baby blue can be paired easily with many shades. Whether it’s with another pastel shade, a bolder color, or even tone on tone, baby blue is chic in all senses.

You can spice up your baby blue ensemble by pairing it with silver, glitter, and/or some bling. This will give it a touch of richness, elegance, and glam!

Chanel’s Spring 2012 handbags collection features a gorgeous powder blue purse that is definitely a collectors piece. Having a great accent hand bag is great for transforming a simple outfit in to a statement look.

Inspired by this soft shade, I decided to create a nail art design with baby blue, silver, and glitter nail polish (seen below to your right). It’s always fun painting your nails one shade and having one or two accent nails for added drama.

Say goodbye to Monday blues and hello to BABY BLUE!


Reneta J

Fashion Show Styling

Elegant and GLAM was the theme for Fashions By Rohini’s Fashion Show last Saturday at the LA Convention Center. Urvika and I got to help style the beautiful Indian Wear designs by fashion designer Rohini Bedi. We decided to go with gorgeous up-dos ordained with chunky necklaces worn as headpieces complimented with small flowers. We absolutely love fun headpieces, and the chunkier the better! Using a bold statement necklace as a head piece is one of the easiest ways for creating that red carpet va-va-voom look. Indian wear is filled with COLOR, GLAMOUR, and ELEGANCE, and these head pieces definitely helped enhance the look. I absolutely loved the blue showstopper look that we created!

Here are a few fun shots we did with the beautiful models prior to the show taken by our fab photographer Tuhan Bedi!

After styling the models, Urvika and I slipped in to 2 of Rohini’s glamorous pieces. I absolutely loved my white lace corset blouse sari and Urvika’s mint colored heavily embellished sari.

Rohini’s Fashion Show consisted of various Saris, Lenghas, and Suits. The final showstopper look was a jacket style lengha which has gained a lot of popularity lately. The look is extremely flattering for all body types and is a nice twist to the traditional lengha.

Urvika and I had so much fun styling and working with the designer and models, and we can’t wait for our next styling gig!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Reneta J